Maximum building height and horizontal dimension for tall buildings

Within the Tower Location Area shown on Map 5 (Maximum Building Height Within Subdistrict A) in the Appendix to this Chapter, the height of a building may exceed the height limits specified in Section 136-314 (Maximum building height) only as set forth in this Section. Any portion of a building above a height of 125 feet shall hereinafter be referred to as a “tower.”

(a)        Towers shall be located within portions of zoning lots bounded by intersecting street lines and lines parallel to and 200 feet from each intersecting street line.  

(b)        Towers shall be separated from one another by a minimum distance of 60 feet, measured in all horizontal directions.  

(c)        The outermost walls of each story of a building located entirely above a height of 125 feet shall be measured in plan view and inscribed within a rectangle. The maximum length of such rectangle shall be 170 feet. The maximum length of any other side of such rectangle shall be 100 feet. For the purposes of this Section, abutting portions of buildings above a height of 125 feet shall be considered a single tower.  

(d)        To permit portions of a building to rise from grade to a tower portion without setback, the setback provisions of Section 136-313 (Minimum and maximum base height) shall not apply to any portion of a building located within 100 feet of intersecting street lines.

(e)        The maximum height of a tower shall be 155 feet or 15 stories, whichever is lower.

(f)        No more than two towers shall be permitted within Subdistrict A.