Zoning Resolution

The City of New York
Bill de Blasio, Mayor
City Planning Commission
Marisa Lago, Chair

The Zoning Resolution consists of 14 Articles and 10 Appendices, plus 126 Zoning Maps, that establish the zoning districts for the City and the regulations governing land use and development. Articles I through VII contain the use, bulk, parking and other applicable regulations for each zoning district. The three major articles are Article II, with regulations for residence districts, Article III for commercial districts, and Article IV for manufacturing districts. Articles VIII through XIV set forth the purpose and regulations for each Special Purpose District.

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Note: All zoning regulations pertaining to the Special Inwood District Rezoning, which amended the Zoning Resolution (N 180205A ZRM) and Zoning Map (C 180204A ZMM), and which have been in effect since 8/8/18, are no longer in effect as of 12/19/19 per court order. For the applicable zoning designations currently in effect, please see zoning maps 1b, 1d, 3a, and 3c.

All text changes approved by the city council as of Apr 22, 2020