Transparency and Parking Wrap Requirements

The provisions of this Section shall apply to buildings developed or enlarged after September 7, 2017, where the ground floor of such development or enlarged portion of the building fronts upon designated streets as shown on Map 3 (Ground Floor Use and Transparency Requirements) in the Appendix to this Chapter. These provisions shall also apply to the frontage of buildings located along Open Space A. The ground floor street wall of such building or portion thereof shall be glazed in accordance with Section 37-34 (Minimum Transparency Requirements).

The provisions of Section 37-35 (Parking Wrap and Screening Requirements) shall apply along designated streets as shown on Map 3 and along Open Space A. In addition, the screening requirements of paragraph (b) of Section 37-35 shall apply along intersecting streets within 50 feet of designated streets, and along intersecting streets or private streets within 50 feet of Open Space A.