Ground Floor Level Transparency Requirements

In the applicable Special Enhanced Commercial Districts, as indicated in the table in Section 132-13 (Applicability of Special Use, Transparency, Street Wall and Parking Regulations), the special transparency regulations of Section 37-34 (Minimum Transparency Requirements) shall apply to the ground floor level street walls of buildings fronting along a designated commercial street.

However, in Special Enhanced Commercial Districts 5 and 6, for buildings containing Use Groups 16, 17 and 18 at the ground floor level, up to 50 percent of the length of a street wall may be exempt from such regulations. Where the exempted portion is 50 feet or more in length and contains no transparent element between curb level and 12 feet above curb level or the ceiling of the ground floor, whichever is less, such exempted portion shall be covered with vines or similar planting or contain artwork or be treated so as to provide visual relief. Plantings shall be planted in soil having a depth of not less than 2 feet, 6 inches, and a minimum width of 24 inches. Where an extension or a conversion of the ground floor level results in a reduction of the exempted portion, provisions set forth in Section 37-34 shall apply to such reduced portion.