Use Group C: Retail and service uses

Use Group C consists of a group of retail and service uses, selected from Use Groups 6, 7, 12 and 14, as modified in this Section:

Arts and crafts production and sales, including but not limited to ceramics, art needlework, hand weaving or tapestries, book binding, fabric painting, glass blowing, jewelry or art metal craft and wood carving

Bicycle sales, rental or repair shops


Candy or ice cream stores

Clothing or clothing accessory

Clothing, custom manufacturing or altering for retail, including costume production and hair product manufacturing

Delicatessen stores

Fishing tackle or equipment, rental or sales

Gift shops

Health and fitness establishments limited to 10,000 square feet of floor area per establishment

Jewelry manufacturing from precious metals

Musical instrument stores

Music stores


Patio or beach furniture or equipment

Photographic equipment stores and studios

Sporting goods or equipment, sale or rental, including instruction in skiing, sailing or skin diving

Toy stores