The “Special East Harlem Corridors District” established in this Resolution is designed to promote and protect public health, safety and general welfare. These general goals include, among others, the following specific purposes:

(a)        to encourage and guide the development of East Harlem as a dynamic mixed-use neighborhood by permitting the expansion and development of residential, commercial, community facility and light manufacturing uses in appropriate areas;

(b)        to encourage the development of residential uses along appropriate corridors;

(c)        to encourage the development of permanently affordable housing;

(d)        to facilitate the development of high-density commercial and manufacturing uses in order to locate jobs near transit connections;

(e)        to enhance the vitality of both existing and emerging commercial corridors by ensuring that ground floor frontages are occupied by active uses that enliven the pedestrian experience along the street;

(f)        to ensure that the form and use of new buildings relates to and enhances neighborhood character and responds to unique neighborhood conditions such as the Park Avenue viaduct; and

(g)        to promote the most desirable use of land in the area and thus preserve, protect and enhance the value of land and buildings and thereby protect City tax revenues.