In Special Coastal Risk District 3, no development or horizontal enlargement shall occur, except where authorized by the City Planning Commission pursuant to Sections 137-51 (Authorization for Development of Single Buildings and Enlargements) or 137-52 (Authorization for Development of Multiple Buildings), as applicable. In addition, the provisions of Article VI, Chapter 5 (Special Regulations Applying in Designated Recovery Areas) and Section 64-60 (SPECIAL REGULATIONS FOR NON-CONFORMING USES AND NON-COMPLYING BUILDINGS) shall not apply.

For the purposes of determining which authorization shall be applicable, the zoning lot upon which the development shall occur shall be considered to be a tract of land that existed under separate ownership from all adjoining tracts of land on April 24, 2017.

For the purposes of such authorizations, the alteration of any existing building resulting in the removal of more than 75 percent of the floor area and more than 25 percent of the perimeter walls of such existing building, and the replacement of any amount of floor area, shall be considered a development.

The provisions of Section 137-50, inclusive, shall not apply to the reconstruction of a garage accessory to a single-family residence or two-family residence.

The provisions of Section 73-71 (Special Permit for Modification of Certain Zoning Regulations) shall be inapplicable to a building that is developed pursuant to this Section, inclusive.