Location of Parking Spaces

All accessory off-street parking spaces may be provided within public parking garages. Such spaces may also be provided within parking facilities on zoning lots other than the same zoning lot as the use to which they are accessory, provided:

(a)        such parking facilities are located either:

(1)        within the Special Bay Street Corridor District; or

(2)        outside the Special Bay Street Corridor District, subject to the underlying provisions for off-site parking spaces set forth in Sections 25-52 (Off-site Spaces for Residences), 25-53 (Off-site Spaces for Permitted Non-residential Uses), 36-42 (Off-site Spaces for Residences) or 36-43 (Off-site Spaces for Commercial or Community Facility Uses), as applicable;

(b)        each off-street parking space within such facility is counted only once in meeting the parking requirements for a specific zoning lot; and

(c)        in no event shall the number of accessory parking spaces within such facility exceed that permitted in accordance with the underlying regulations.