Certification for Additional Access to Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces and Loading Berths

In the Southern Subdistrict, if access to accessory off-street parking spaces or loading berths is necessary beyond the number of entrances to loading berths permitted pursuant to Section 134-50 (OFF-STREET PARKING AND OFF-STREET LOADING REGULATIONS), an additional entrance may be allowed if the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission certifies to the Commissioner of Buildings that:

(a)        such accessory off-street parking spaces or loading berths cannot be practically accessed from existing entrances along the esplanade;

(b)        the proposed entrance location will not be hazardous to pedestrian safety;

(c)        the proposed entrance will be located not less than 50 feet from the intersection of a primary connection or Yankee Pier Plaza;

(d)        the proposed entrance will be screened, constructed and maintained so as to have a minimal effect on the streetscape; and

(e)        the entrance, if allowed, shall be no greater than 20 feet in width.