The off-street parking and loading regulations of the underlying districts shall not apply, exclusive of bicycle parking, in the Special Governors Island District. In lieu thereof, the provisions of this Section 134-50, inclusive, shall apply.

No accessory off-street parking facilities or loading berths shall be required for any development or enlargement within the Special Governors Island District.

Accessory off-street parking spaces may be provided for all permitted uses. Within the Southern Subdistrict a maximum of 200 such spaces shall be permitted.

Accessory off-street loading berths may be provided for all permitted uses. All loading berths within the Southern Subdistrict shall either be enclosed or screened from the Open Space Subarea, as well as any connections and open spaces required pursuant to Section 134-40 (REQUIREMENTS FOR CONNECTIONS AND OPEN AREAS), inclusive, with planting, solid walls or fences, except that screening may be interrupted by vehicular and pedestrian entrances.

No more than two entrances to enclosed facilities containing off-street parking spaces, loading berths, or a combination thereof shall be permitted on street walls facing the Open Space Subarea, per building parcel. Such limitation shall not apply to street walls facing a primary connection or secondary connection.

The underlying bicycle parking regulations of Section 25-80, inclusive and Section 36-70 (BICYCLE PARKING), inclusive, shall apply in the Special Governors Island District. For any use permitted in the Southern Subdistrict where the number of required bicycle parking spaces is not provided in the tables in Sections 25-811 or 36-711 (Enclosed bicycle parking spaces), the required number of bicycle parking spaces for such use shall be one per 10,000 square feet of floor area.