Yankee Pier Plaza

The Eastern Subarea shall include a public open area, within the location designated as Yankee Pier Plaza on Map 2 (Building Parcels, Primary Connection Locations and Esplanade) in the Appendix to this Chapter.

Such plaza:

(a)        shall have a minimum area of 25,000 square feet;

(b)        shall provide connections between Yankee Pier, the Northern Subdistrict and portions of the Open Space Subarea north of the Eastern Subarea;

(c)        shall be open to the public at all times that the Southern Subdistrict is open to the public;

(d)        may have areas designed and designated for vehicular and pedestrian access; and

(e)        may include stairs, ramps, planted areas, open or enclosed facilities for ferry passengers, kiosks containing no more than 250 square feet of floor area, ticket machines, information booths, temporary structures not exceeding one story, bicycle parking, cellars, and other amenities not containing floor area, as permitted obstructions.