Primary Connections

The Eastern Subarea shall be subdivided by primary connections within the flexible locations identified on Map 2 (Building Parcels, Primary Connection Locations and Esplanade) in the Appendix to this Chapter.

Primary connections shall comply with the following requirements:

(a)        a primary connection shall have a minimum width of 60 feet;

(b)        a primary connection shall be open to the sky for its full length and width, except that awnings or canopies of less than 250 square feet per awning or canopy shall be permitted at building entrances. Awnings and canopies, and associated structural supports extending from the street wall, shall extend no farther than 15 feet, and shall be located not less than 15 feet above grade and no vertical supports shall be permitted;

(c)        an unobstructed path having a width of at least 24 feet shall be provided for the full length of each primary connection. Such clear path shall be designed for pedestrian use, and may additionally be designed for, and crossed by, pathways for bicycles or vehicular access. Trees, planters, bike racks, seating and other pedestrian amenities shall be permitted outside of the clear path; and

(d)        primary connections shall be open to the public at all times that the Southern Subdistrict is open to the public.