Building Articulation

Within the Southern Subdistrict, any portion of a building that is located at or below a height of 75 feet, and has a street wall width greater than 200 feet, as measured parallel to the street line, shall provide recesses in accordance with the following requirements:

(a)        recesses shall be required to extend along at least 25 percent of the street wall width that is in excess of 200 feet. No required recess shall have a width of less than 10 feet;

(b)        such recesses shall have an average depth of at least 10 feet;

(c)        such recesses may be of varying dimensions and heights, provided that the requirements of this Section are met at each level of the building.

No articulation shall be required where frontage requirements apply pursuant to paragraph (b)(1) of Section 134-24 (Height and Setback Regulations).