Minimum Distance Between Buildings

Within the Southern Subdistrict, the requirements of this Section shall apply to all buildings.

(a)        No separation shall be required between portions of buildings that are less than or equal to a height of 75 feet, except as set forth in paragraph (d) of this Section.

However, in the Eastern Subarea, where the total street wall width of all buildings along a single street line exceeds 400 feet along such street line, such buildings shall be at least 30 feet apart.

(b)        Portions of buildings located above a height of 75 feet and below 125 feet shall at no point be located less than 60 feet apart.

(c)        Portions of buildings located at or above a height of 125 feet shall at no point be located less than 90 feet apart.

(d)        The regulations of Sections 23-70 (MINIMUM REQUIRED DISTANCE BETWEEN TWO OR MORE BUILDINGS ON A SINGLE ZONING LOT) and 23-80 (COURT REGULATIONS, MINIMUM DISTANCE BETWEEN WINDOWS AND WALLS OR LOT LINES AND OPEN AREA REQUIREMENTS) shall apply to any portion of a building containing residences or community facility uses containing living accommodations with required windows, except where more stringent requirements apply pursuant to paragraphs (a) through (c) of this Section.