Subdistricts and Subareas

The provisions of Article VI, Chapter 2 (Special Regulations Applying in the Waterfront Area) shall not apply, except as set forth in Section 134-22 (Special Height and Setback Regulations).

In order to carry out the provisions of this Chapter, two subdistricts are established, as follows:

Northern Subdistrict

Southern Subdistrict

In each of these Subdistricts, certain special regulations apply which do not apply within the remainder of the Special Governors Island District. Within the Southern Subdistrict, three subareas are established, as follows:

Eastern Subarea

Containing building parcels E-1 through E-4

Western Subarea

Containing building parcel W-1

Open Space Subarea

The location and boundaries of the subdistricts, subareas, and building parcels are shown on Maps 1 and 2 in the Appendix to this Chapter.