Along all other streets, other than Stillwell Avenue

The following regulations shall apply along all other streets in the Coney North Subdistrict, other than Stillwell Avenue.

(a)        Street wall location

The street wall of a building base, or portion thereof, beyond 50 feet of Surf Avenue, shall be located within eight feet of the street line except that, to allow portions of towers to rise without setback from grade, a portion of a building base below a tower may be recessed 10 feet from the street line, provided the width of such recess area is not greater than 40 percent of the width of the street wall of the tower.

The entire area of the zoning lot between the street line and all street walls of the building and their prolongations shall be planted at ground level, or in raised planting beds that are permanently affixed to the ground, except that such plantings shall not be required at the entrances to, and exits from, the building, within driveways accessing off-street parking spaces located within, to the side, or rear of such building, or between commercial uses and the street line. No zoning lot shall be altered in any way that will either create a new non-compliance or increase the degree of non-compliance with the provisions of this Section.

(b)        Building base

The street wall of a building base, or portion thereof, located beyond 100 feet of Surf Avenue, shall rise without setback to a minimum height of 40 feet, or the height of the building, whichever is less, and a maximum height of six stories or 65 feet, whichever is less. Up to 30 percent of the aggregate width of street walls may be recessed for outer courts or balconies, provided no recesses are located within 15 feet of an adjacent building or within 30 feet of the intersection of two street lines, and provided the maximum depth of such recesses is 15 feet, as measured from the street line.

All portions of a building or other structure that exceed a height of 65 feet shall be set back from the street wall of the building at least 10 feet, except such setback distance may include the depth of any permitted recesses.

(c)        Transition height

In all portions of blocks located beyond 100 feet of Surf Avenue, a street wall may rise above the maximum base height to a maximum transition height of eight stories or 85 feet, whichever is less, provided that such street walls are set back a minimum distance of 10 feet from the street line. All portions of buildings or other structures that exceed a transition height of 85 feet shall comply with the tower provisions of Section 131-444 (Coney North Subdistrict towers).