Along all other streets

The following regulations shall apply along Wonder Wheel Way, Bowery, and all other streets, and portions thereof, located south of a line drawn 50 feet north of and parallel to the northern street line of Bowery and its westerly prolongation.

(a)        Street wall location

The street wall of the building, or portion thereof, shall be located within five feet of the street line;

(b)        Maximum height

The street wall of a building, or portion thereof, shall rise to a minimum height of 20 feet and a maximum height of 40 feet before setback. The maximum height of a building or other structure shall be 60 feet, provided any portion of a building that exceeds a height of 40 feet shall be set back from the street wall of the building at least 20 feet.

West of West 12th Street, along the northern street line of Bowery, the maximum building height shall be 40 feet. If a tower is provided along the Surf Avenue portion of the block, 40 percent of the aggregate width of street walls may rise above the maximum street wall height of 40 feet, provided that such portion is located within 150 feet of the intersection of two street lines. However, where the portion of the block that fronts on Surf Avenue is developed or enlarged pursuant to the special regulations for Use Group A in paragraph (c)(3) of Section 131-421 (Coney East Subdistrict, south side of Surf Avenue), the street wall may rise after a setback of 20 feet to a maximum height of 60 feet for the entire length of the Bowery street line, or may extend beyond the 40 percent of the aggregate width of street wall for the length of the street wall of such Use Group A development or enlargement which fronts along Surf Avenue, whichever is less.