Use Group A: Amusements

Use Group A consists of a group of uses, selected from Use Groups 12, 13 and 15, as modified in this Section, and may be open or enclosed:

Use Group A1

Amusement arcades

Amusement parks, with no limitation on floor area per establishment

Animal exhibits, circuses, carnivals or fairs of a temporary nature

Camps, overnight or day, commercial beaches or swimming pools

Dark rides, electronic or computer-supported games, including interactive entertainment facilities, laser tag and motion simulators

Ferris wheels, flume rides, roller coasters, whips, parachute jumps, dodgem scooters, merry-go-rounds or similar midway attractions

Fortune tellers, freak shows, haunted houses, wax museums, or similar midway attractions

Miniature golf courses and model car hobby centers, including racing

Open booths with games of skill or chance, including shooting galleries

Water parks

Use Group A2

Arenas or auditoriums, with capacity limited to 2,000 seats

Billiard parlors or pool halls, table tennis halls or bowling alleys, with no limitation on number of bowling lanes per establishment

Gymnasiums or recreational sports facilities including, but not limited to, indoor golf driving ranges, batting cages, basketball, volleyball, squash and other courts, without membership requirements

Skateboard parks, roller or ice skating rinks

Theaters, including movie theaters, provided such use does not occupy the ground floor level of a building, except for lobbies limited to a maximum street frontage of 30 feet, except that on corner lots one street frontage may extend up to 100 feet.

Accessory uses to the amusements listed in this Section, including the display and sale of goods or services, provided:

(a)        such accessory uses are limited to not more that 25 percent of the floor area of the amusement establishment or, for open uses, not more than 25 percent of the lot area;

(b)        such accessory uses shall be entered only through the principal amusement establishment;

(c)        such accessory uses shall share common cash registers with the principal amusement use;

(d)        such accessory uses shall have the same hours of operation as the principal amusement use; and

(e)        the principal amusement use shall occupy the entire street frontage of the ground floor level of the establishment and shall extend to a depth of at least 30 feet from the street wall of the building or, for open uses, at least 30 feet from the street line.