General Provisions

The provisions of this Chapter shall apply within the Special Coney Island District. The regulations of all other Chapters of this Resolution are applicable, except as superseded, supplemented or modified by the provisions of this Chapter. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this Chapter and other regulations of this Resolution, the provisions of this Chapter shall control. However, in flood zones, or for transit-adjacent sites, as defined in Section 66-11 (Definitions), in the event of a conflict between the provisions of this Chapter and the provisions of Article VI, Chapter 4 (Special Regulations Applying in Flood Hazard Areas), or Article VI, Chapter 6 (Special Regulations Applying Around Mass Transit Stations), the provisions of Article VI shall control.

NOTE: Self-certification of sewer connection applications will not be permitted by the Department of Buildings or Department of Environmental Protection in connection with any proposed development or enlargement in the Special Coney Island District for which sewer connection approval is required. Prior to filing a House or Site Connection application, all applicants will be required to submit a site-specific hydraulic analysis to the Department of Environmental Protection for its review and approval, to establish the adequacy of existing sanitary and storm sewers to serve the proposed development or enlargement.