Requirements for Certification, Authorization or Special Permit Application

An application to the City Planning Commission for a certification, authorization or special permit respecting a development, enlargement, or site alteration shall include a survey map, prepared by a licensed land surveyor and dated no more than two years prior to the date of filing an application, showing: 

(a)    existing topography at two foot contour intervals;

(b)    the location of all existing buildings or other structures and the location of all proposed buildings or other structures

(c)    the location of individual existing trees of six inch caliper or more;

(d)    the location of any elements of the open space network on or adjacent to the zoning lot; and

(e)    the location of any areas of no land alteration, streams, and natural watercourses;

and such other information as may be required by the Commission for its determination as to whether or not the certification, authorization or special permit is warranted.