Community Facility Use Modifications

The community facility use regulations of the underlying C6-1 and M1-2 Districts are modified, as follows:

(a)        in Subdistrict A, a community facility use with sleeping accommodations, as listed in this Section, may locate in the same building, or abut a building containing a use listed in Section 104-132 (Use Groups 16, 17 and 18), only in accordance with the certification provisions of Section 104-14:

College or school student dormitories or fraternity or sorority student houses

Long-term care facilities

Monasteries, convents or novitiates

Non-profit hospital staff dwellings without restriction as to location on the same zoning lot

Non-profit or voluntary hospitals and related facilities

Philanthropic or non-profit institutions with sleeping accommodations;

(b)        in Subdistrict B, uses listed in Use Groups 3 and 4 permitted in the underlying M1-2 District, pursuant to Sections 42-10 (USES PERMITTED AS-OF-RIGHT) and 74-921 (Use Groups 3A and 4A community facilities), shall be limited to 5,000 square feet of floor area per establishment.