The "Special Downtown Brooklyn District" established in this Resolution is designed to promote and protect public health, safety and general welfare. These general goals include, among others, the following specific purposes:

(a)        to strengthen the business core of Downtown Brooklyn by improving the working and living environments;

(b)        to foster development in Downtown Brooklyn and provide direction and incentives for further growth where appropriate;

(c)        to create and provide a transition between the Downtown commercial core and the lower-scale residential communities of Fort Greene, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights;

(d)        to encourage the design of new buildings that are in character with the area;

(e)        to preserve the historic architectural character of development along certain streets and avenues and the pedestrian orientation of ground floor uses, and thus safeguard the vitality of Downtown Brooklyn;

(f)        to improve the quality of development in Downtown Brooklyn by fostering the provision of specified public amenities in appropriate locations;

(g)        to improve visual amenity by establishing special sign regulations within the Fulton Mall and Atlantic Avenue Subdistricts; and

(h)        to promote the most desirable use of land and building development for Downtown Brooklyn and thus conserve the value of land and buildings and thereby protect the City's tax revenues.