Street Wall Location in Certain Designated Districts

R6B  M1-4/R6A  M1-4/R7A  M1-5/R8A  M1-4/R6B  M1-5/R7X

In the districts indicated, the street wall of any building containing residences shall be located no closer to, nor further from, the street line than the street wall of an adjacent existing building. However, the street wall of a building need not be located further from a street line than 15 feet. On corner lots, the street wall along one street line need not be located further from the street line than five feet. Recesses, not to exceed three feet in depth from the street line, or eight feet in depth where ramps for the physically disabled are required, shall be permitted on the ground floor where required to provide access to the building.

Existing buildings may be vertically enlarged by up to one story or 15 feet without regard to the street wall location provisions of this Section.