Residential Use Modification

(a)        Loft dwellings

Loft dwellings created prior to October 13, 2010, shall be governed by the provisions for loft dwellings in Section 111-40 (REQUIREMENTS FOR LOFT DWELLINGS CONSTRUCTED PRIOR TO OCTOBER 13, 2010). Such loft dwellings may be extended, enlarged, or subdivided into two or more loft dwellings only in accordance with such provisions. No loft dwellings may be created after October 13, 2010, except as the result of a subdivision of a loft dwelling existing prior to October 13, 2010.

(b)        Home occupations

A home occupation may occupy a loft dwelling, or a dwelling unit converted pursuant to Article I, Chapter 5 (Residential Conversion of Existing Non-Residential Buildings), as an accessory use pursuant to Section 15-13 (Special Home Occupation Provision), except that:

(1)        businesses operated as home occupations may have up to three non-residential employees; and

(2)        notwithstanding the limitation on uses listed in the definition of home occupation in Section 12-10, a home occupation may include a permitted commercial or permitted manufacturing use.