Modifications of Use Regulations

In addition to the uses permitted in a C5-3 District, the uses and accessory uses set forth in this Section are hereby permitted in any development to be constructed in accordance with the general purposes and provisions of this Chapter, notwithstanding any other provision of this Resolution. All such commercial uses may be located in any mixed building and anywhere within such building without regard to Section 32-42 (Location Within Buildings).

(a)        Auditoriums, with unlimited capacity;

(b)        Automobile rental establishments;

(c)        Eating or drinking establishments, with entertainment and a capacity of more than 200 persons or establishments of any capacity with dancing; or

Eating or drinking establishments, with musical entertainment but not dancing, with a capacity of 200 persons or less;

(d)        Parking facilities, accessory, group, with a capacity of 380 parking spaces for automobiles solely for residences, hotels, foreign missions and United Nations related uses ;

(e)        Photographic developing or printing, without limitation on floor area per establishment;

(f)        Printing or publishing, without limitation on floor area per establishment;

(g)        Public parking lots, temporary, of no more than five years' duration or until such time as the development is completed, whichever is sooner;

(h)        Recreational uses, other;

(i)        Skating rinks, indoor;

(j)        Swimming pools, commercial;

(k)        Tennis courts, indoor;

(l)        Theaters, with unlimited capacity.