Ground Floor Use Requirements

The provisions of this Section shall apply to developments and ground floor level enlargements.

For the purposes of applying the special ground floor level streetscape provisions set forth in Section 37-30 to this Chapter, any portion of a ground floor level street frontage along streets designated on Map 1 in the Appendix to this Chapter shall be considered primary street frontages. A ground floor level street frontage along any other street shall be considered a secondary street frontage. For the purposes of this Section, defined terms shall include those in Sections 12-10 and 37-311.

(a)        Along primary street frontages


For buildings, or portions thereof, with primary street frontage, uses on the ground floor level, to the minimum depth set forth in Section 37-32 (Ground Floor Depth Requirements for Certain Uses), shall be limited to non-residential uses, except for Type 1 lobbies and entrances and exits to accessory parking spaces provided in accordance with the applicable provisions of Section 37-33 (Maximum Width of Certain Uses). Ground floor level street walls shall be glazed in accordance with the provisions set forth in Section 37-34 (Minimum Transparency Requirements).


(b)        Along secondary street frontages


Any street wall width exceeding 50 feet with no transparent elements on the ground floor level shall provide visual mitigation elements in accordance with the provisions for Type 1 blank walls set forth in Section 37-361 (Blank wall thresholds).