General Provisions

In harmony with the general purposes and intent of this Resolution and the general purposes of the Special Little Italy District and in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter, certain specified regulations of the districts on which the Special Little Italy District are superimposed are made inapplicable, and special regulations are substituted therefore in this Chapter.

Except as modified by the express provisions of this Special District, the regulations of the underlying zoning district remain in effect. For the purposes of this Chapter, the provisions of Sections 23-15, 23-20 and 33-13 are made inapplicable.

For transit-adjacent sites or qualifying transit improvement sites, as defined in Section 66-11 (Definitions), in the event of a conflict between the provisions of this Chapter and the provisions of Article VI, Chapter 6 (Special Regulations Applying Around Mass Transit Stations), the provisions of Article VI, Chapter 6 shall control.

The use of the public streets and sidewalks for the maintenance of sidewalk cafes, outdoor cafes or any other structures shall require the separate approval of the Board of Estimate, which may be granted upon such terms and conditions as the Board of Estimate may deem appropriate.

Within the Special District, in accordance with a comprehensive survey of its structures, buildings of special significance to the community and City as a whole, have been identified and are listed in Appendix B. Such buildings are unique either because they are socially or traditionally significant or because they are important physical influences in the life and image of the community. Such buildings shall not be demolished or have their external architectural features altered except as set forth in Section 109-52 (Special Permit Provisions). No demolition permit or alteration permit for alterations which may affect the exterior of such buildings shall be issued by the Department of Buildings for any such building except as permitted by the City Planning Commission pursuant to Section 109-52 (Special Permit Provisions) unless it is an unsafe building and demolition is required pursuant to the provisions of Title 28, Chapter 2, Article 216 of the New York City Administrative Code.