In Area SH

The City Planning Commission may authorize developments that will result in more than 250 dwelling units of affordable independent residences for seniors in Area SH, as shown on the District Plan (Map 4 in Appendix A), provided such developments comply with the use and bulk regulations of R3-2 Districts, except that the maximum floor area ratio, maximum lot coverage and minimum required open space shall be as set forth for R3-2 Districts in Section 23-142 (Open space and floor area regulations in R1 and R2 Districts with a letter suffix and R3 through R5 Districts), as modified by this Chapter. The provisions of Section 23-144 (Affordable independent residences for seniors) shall not apply.

In order to grant such authorization, the Commission shall find that:

(a)        such developments are part of a superior site plan;

(b)        such residences are compatible with the character of the surrounding area; and

(c)        the streets providing access to such residences are adequate to handle the traffic generated thereby or provision has been made to handle such traffic.