Future Subdivision of Certain Plan Review Site

For any plan review site that does not comply with Section 107-08 (Future Subdivision of Certain Plan Review Sites), the City Planning Commission may authorize a future subdivision into two or more zoning lots, provided that the Commission finds that:

  1. to the greatest extent possible, all individual trees of six-inch caliper or more, the existing topography, and all land located within a designated open space, are preserved under future development options;
  2. such subdivision complies with the goals described in paragraph (c) of Section 107-00 (GENERAL PURPOSES);
  3. and where vehicular access and egress are located on an arterial, the location of such vehicular access and egress permits better site planning.

Any subdivision that is proposed to take place within the Special District after November 2, 2023, shall be filed with the City Planning Commission. A site plan and area plan shall indicate the distribution of bulk for the individual zoning lots submitted to the Commission. Such approved subdivision shall then be recorded in the land records and indexed against all zoning lots.

For the purpose of applying the provisions of this Section, a subdivision includes reconfiguration of a zoning lot in a manner that would change its area or any dimension of such zoning lot.