Certification of Certain Plan Review Sites

On a plan review site, for any enlargement or site alteration which does not comply with the provisions of Section 107-31 (General Regulations for Natural Features), the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission shall certify that:

  1. such plan review site does not:

(1)         contain any of the district plan elements as set forth in Section 107-20 (DISTRICT PLAN ELEMENTS), inclusive;

(2)         contain an area of no land alteration;

(3)         exceed the rate of two tree credits per 1,000 square feet of lot area; and

(4)         have a violation for tree removal without prior permission or approval and no trees have been removed since November 2, 2023, unless permitted pursuant to Section 107-312 (Regulations within plan review sites);

  1. new or existing tree planting shall satisfy tree requirements pursuant to Section 107-32 (Tree Regulations); and
  2. the resulting enlargement or site alteration does not require more than 10 additional accessory off-street parking spaces for a commercial, community facility, or manufaturing use.

Any enlargement or site alteration on a plan review site which does not comply with these conditions, or any development on a plan review site, shall require an authorization pursuant to Section 107-60 (AUTHORIZATIONS).