Any development, enlargement resulting in changes to lot coverage, or site alteration shall comply with the provisions of this Section, inclusive.

All zoning lots shall comply with the provisions of Sections 107-31 (General Regulations for Natural Features), inclusive, and 107-32 (Tree Requirements).

In addition, regulations within areas of designated open space are set forth in Section 107-311 (Areas within designated open space).

Any plan review site shall also comply with the provisions of Section 107-312 (Regulations within plan review sites).

Any application to the Department of Buildings for a site alteration, development, or enlargement shall include a survey map in accordance with the requirements set forth in Section 107-03 (Requirements for Certification, Authorization or Special Permit Application).

A site plan for such application shall also include the location of any area of no disturbance, proposed paving, and shall identify those trees proposed to be removed and proposed to be preserved.