Designated Open Space

Any development or site alteration on a zoning lot which contains designated open space as shown on the District Plan (Map 3 in Appendix A), shall require certification by the City Planning Commission that:

(a)        such designated open space shall be preserved in its natural state by the owner of the zoning lot; and

(b)        where required by the Commission, the applicant has complied with the provisions of Section 107-222 (Public pedestrian ways); and

(c)        where required by the Commission, as indicated on the District Plan, that the applicant has complied with Section 107-23 (Waterfront Esplanade).

Within any designated open space, removal of trees, alteration of topography, development or enlargement of active recreational facilities, or the establishment of utility easements may be undertaken only in accordance with the provisions of this Section and Section 107-30 (NATURAL FEATURE REGULATIONS).

Planting, landscaping or provision of footpaths or sitting areas are permitted in any part of designated open space, provided that such improvements do not involve removal of trees or alteration of existing topography, and do not obstruct pedestrian movement within the public pedestrian ways.