Definitions specifically applicable in this Chapter are set forth in this Section. The definitions of other defined terms are set forth in Section 12-10 (DEFINITIONS).

Area of no disturbance

An “area of no disturbance” is an area designated on a site plan or area plan to be protected from site alteration, except for new native planting. An area of no disturbance shall contain natural features including trees of six-inch caliper or more, designated open space, and aquatic features.

Plan review sites may include safeguards such as an area of no disturbance to define areas where site alterations shall not be proposed.

Area of no land alteration

An “area of no land alteration” is an area adjacent to a wetland or other body of water regulated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) where a permit indicates development restrictions may occur such as those pursuant to permits or deed restrictions issued by NYSDEC.

Area plan

An “area plan” is a proposed layout for a zoning lot subdivision with traffic circulation, including curb cuts on arterials; access easements; areas of no disturbance; areas of no land alteration; areas of designated open space; building envelopes; required building setbacks within proposed zoning lots in Residence Districts; and any other information prescribed by the City Planning Commission.


An “arterial” is a street listed in Section 107-24 (Special Regulations for Arterials or Railroad Rights of Way) whose function is primarily the accommodation of through vehicular traffic and to which special provisions of this Chapter apply.

Caliper (of a tree)

“Caliper” of a tree is the diameter of a tree trunk measured 4 feet, 6 inches from the ground. If a tree splits into multiple trunks below this height, the trunk is measured at its narrowest point beneath the split. For trees with a diameter of less than three inches measured 4 feet, 6 inches from the ground, the caliper shall be measured 12 inches from the ground.

Designated open space

“Designated open space” is a portion of the open space network located on a zoning lot as shown on the District Plan (Map 3 in Appendix A), and is to be preserved in its natural state in accordance with the provisions of the Special South Richmond Development District.


For the purposes of this Chapter a “detached” building is a building surrounded by yards or other open area on the same zoning lot or is a building abutting a street line which is surrounded by yards or open area on the same zoning lot except where the building abuts the street line.

Open space network

The “open space network” is a planned system of open spaces as shown on the District Plan (Map 3 in Appendix A), which includes public parks, designated open space and the waterfront esplanade.

Plan review site

A “plan review site” is any zoning lot that contains one or more acres, where there is a proposed development, enlargement, site alteration, or subdivision of such zoning lot into two or more zoning lots#.

Site alteration

A “site alteration” is an alteration on any vacant tract of land, land with minor improvements or any tract of land containing buildings or other structures, which includes permanent topographic modifications, removal of topsoil, removal of trees of six-inch caliper or more, excavating, filling, dumping, changes in existing drainage systems, whether or not a permit is required from the Department of Buildings or other public agencies.

Tree credit

A “tree credit” is a credit for preserving an existing tree or for planting a new tree which is counted towards tree requirements.

Waterfront esplanade

The “waterfront esplanade” is a pedestrian way to be provided for public use within the open space network along the Raritan Bay waterfront, as shown on the District Plan (Map 3 in Appendix A).