Special Provisions for As-of-Right New Buildings With Manufacturing and Commercial Uses

New buildings containing manufacturing uses or commercial uses shall be allowed as-of-right, provided that:

(a)        the zoning lot shares a common side lot line with a manufacturing or commercial use;

(b)        the frontage along the street line of the zoning lot shall not exceed 60 feet, but in no event shall the total area of such zoning lot exceed 7,800 square feet;

(c)        the zoning lot is not located within a continuous frontage of vacant zoning lots whose aggregate length exceeds 60 feet;

(d)        such manufacturing use is listed in Use Group M;

(e)        such commercial use is listed in Use Groups 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 or 16 and is located on Neptune, Stillwell or Cropsey Avenues; and

(f)        no residential uses occupy the zoning lot.