Special Provisions for As-of-Right Residences

Developments or enlargements containing residences are allowed as-of-right, provided that:

(a)        the zoning lot shares a common side lot line on at least one side with a residential or community facility use;

(b)        the frontage along the street line of the zoning lot shall not exceed 60 feet, but in no event shall the total area of such zoning lot exceed 7,800 square feet;

(c)        the zoning lot is not located within a continuous frontage of vacant zoning lots or land with minor improvements whose aggregate length exceeds 60 feet;

(d)        the zoning lot is not located on Cropsey Avenue or on the east side of Stillwell Avenue; and

(e)        on the same zoning lot, there are no manufacturing uses or commercial uses that would not be permitted as-of-right within C7 Districts.