Permitted Curb Cut Locations

The following curb cut regulations shall apply to any development or enlargement:

(a)        existing curb cuts on wide streets may remain until such time as a community facility use is located on that portion of the zoning lot;

(b)        no new curb cuts are permitted on wide streets or within 50 feet of the intersection of any two street lines. Furthermore, no curb cuts are permitted on Block B. However, curb cuts may be permitted in such areas where the Commissioner of Buildings determines there is no alternative means of access to off-street parking spaces or required loading berths from other streets bounding the block or zoning lot;

(c)        new curb cuts shall not be greater than 30 feet in width;

(d)        there shall be no more than two new curb cuts per street frontage on a zoning lot, except on Block F where three curb cuts per street frontage are permitted, and except as provided in paragraph (f) of this Section;

(e)        there shall be a minimum distance of 30 feet between curb cuts on a street frontage of a zoning lot; and

(f)        in order to access the Square, as described in Section 104-424, one curb cut, not to exceed 15 feet in width, shall be permitted along each street frontage of the sidewalk adjacent to the Square. Such curb cuts shall be in addition to the two curb cuts permitted on Block D, pursuant to paragraph (d) of this Section.