Accessory parking below grade

Required and permitted accessory off-street parking spaces may be located below grade, without regard to zoning lot lines.

(a)        Such accessory group parking facilities shall not exceed the following maximum number of spaces:

Blocks C, D and E combined:        up to 1,800 spaces in total

Block F:        up to 1,000 spaces in total

Blocks G and H combined:        up to 600 spaces in total

(b)        Such accessory group parking facilities are subject to the following requirements:

(1)        the location of the curb cuts shall be subject to the provisions of Section 104-73;

(2)        such accessory off-street parking spaces shall not be located further than 1,000 feet from the nearest boundary of the zoning lot to which they are accessory; and

(3)        such accessory off-street parking facilities shall provide adequate reservoir spaces at the vehicular entrances to accommodate either 10 automobiles or five percent of the total parking spaces provided by the use, whichever amount is greater, but in no event shall such reservoir spaces be required for more than 50 automobiles at each entrance.