Accessory Off-street Parking

In Subdistrict B, the regulations regarding required accessory off-street parking spaces set forth in Section 44-20, shall not apply.

In Subdistrict A, the accessory off-street parking and loading regulations in Article III, Chapter 6, pertaining to the underlying C6 District shall be modified, as follows:

(a)        accessory parking spaces at or above grade shall be completely enclosed;

(b)        accessory parking garages at or above grade shall not be located:

(1)        within 60 feet of the lot line on Broadway of any zoning lot or within 90 feet of the lot line on 12th Avenue of any zoning lot;

(2)        on Parcels E2 or G2; or

(3)        on any Mandatory Open Area as shown on Map 7 in Appendix A of this Chapter or within 10 feet of any such Mandatory Open Area, except that access to and egress from accessory parking garages shall be permitted in such areas; and

(c)        parking spaces provided below grade shall not be subject to the provisions of Section 36-12 (Maximum Size of Accessory Group Parking Facilities).