In the Special Manhattanville Mixed Use District, the height and setback regulations of the underlying C6 Districts shall not apply. In lieu thereof, the height and setback provisions of this Section, inclusive, shall apply in C6 Districts. In Subdistrict B, special height regulations for the underlying M1-2 District are set forth in Section 104-31, et seq.

In Subdistrict A, the height of all buildings or other structures shall be measured from the base plane. However, the provisions for establishing base planes set forth in Section 12-10 (DEFINITIONS) shall not apply. In lieu thereof, base planes are specified for each Parcel as shown on Map 5 (Parcel Designation and Maximum Building Heights) in Appendix A of this Chapter. The level of the base plane is designated for each such Parcel in Appendix B of this Chapter.

Wherever a mandatory widened sidewalk line is shown on Map 3 (Widened Sidewalk Lines) in Appendix A of this Chapter, such line shall be used instead of the street line for all purposes of Section 104-30, et seq.

The City Planning Commission may modify, by special permit, the special height and setback requirements of this Section pursuant to Section 104-60 (MODIFICATION OF SPECIAL BULK REQUIREMENTS AND TRANSFER OF FLOOR AREA BY SPECIAL PERMIT).