Ground Floor Use and Frontage Regulations

For the purposes of this Section, ground floor level shall mean the floor of a building, the level of which is located at, or within five feet of, the finished level of the adjacent sidewalk, or the adjacent mandatory widened sidewalk, as applicable. In the locations specified on Map 6 (Ground Floor Use and Frontage) in Appendix A of this Chapter, the ground floor use and frontage regulations of this Section shall apply to any development or change of use located on the ground floor level of a building or other structure, or any enlargement that increases the floor area of the ground floor level of a building by more than 25 percent.

A minimum of 75 percent of the length of a street wall on the ground floor level shall be limited to uses listed in Section 104-16 (Use Group MMU) and shall comply with the minimum depth provisions of Section 37-32 (Ground Floor Depth Requirements for Certain Uses). Such uses shall be located at the street wall. In no event shall the length of street frontage occupied solely by lobby space or entryways exceed, in total, 40 feet.

All such developments, enlargements and changes of use on the ground floor of a building or other structure (other than a change of use on the ground floor of a building located on Parcels E2 or G2, as shown on Map 5 (Parcel Designation and Maximum Building Heights) in Appendix A) shall comply with the transparency requirements of Section 104-41.