Use Groups 16, 17 and 18

In Subdistricts A and C, the following uses in Use Groups 16, 17 and 18 are permitted, subject to the performance standards for an M1 District set forth in Section 42-20.

Such uses may locate in the same building, or in an abutting building containing a residential use or a community facility use with sleeping accommodations listed in Section 104-12 (Community Facility Use Modifications), only in accordance with the certification provisions of Section 104-14.

From Use Group 16A:

Animal hospitals or kennels

Automobile, motorcycle, trailer or boat sales, enclosed only

Carpentry, custom woodworking or custom furniture making shops

Motorcycle or motor scooter rental establishments, enclosed only

Trade schools for adults

From Use Group 16B:

Automobile, truck, motorcycle or trailer repairs

Automobile laundries, provided that the zoning lot contains reservoir space for not less than 10 automobiles per washing lane

Automotive service stations, open or enclosed, provided that facilities for lubrication, minor repairs or washing are permitted only if located within a completely enclosed building

From Use Group 16C:

Commercial or public utility vehicle storage, open or enclosed, including accessory motor fuel pumps

Public transit yards, open or enclosed, including accessory motor fuel pumps

From Use Group 16D:

Moving or storage offices, with no limitation as to storage or floor area per establishment


Wholesale establishments, with no limitation on accessory storage

From Use Group 17A:

Produce or meat markets

From Use Group 17B:

Advertising displays

Apparel or other textile products, from textiles or other materials, including hat bodies or similar products

Ceramic products, including pottery, small glazed tile or similar products

Food products, except slaughtering of meat or preparation of fish for packing

Leather products, including shoes, machine belting or similar products


Musical instruments, including pianos or organs

Optical equipment, clocks or similar precision instruments

Perfumes or perfumed soaps, compounding only

Printing or publishing, with no limitation on floor area per establishment

Scenery construction

Textiles, spinning, weaving, manufacturing, dyeing, printing, knit goods, yarn, thread or cordage


Wood products, including furniture, boxes, crates, baskets, pencils, cooperage works or similar products

From Use Group 17C:

Public transit, railroad or electric utility substations, open or enclosed, with no limitation as to size

From Use Group 18A:

Manufacturing of beverages, alcoholic or breweries