Modification of Bulk Regulations for Certain Buildings on Irregular Sites

In C6-9 Districts within the Special Downtown Brooklyn District, mapped after March 13, 2019, and in C6-4 and C6-6 Districts within the Special Downtown Brooklyn District, mapped after October 21, 2021, for developments or enlargements on irregular sites, the City Planning Commission may modify underlying bulk regulations, other than floor area ratio, provided that no Use Group 5 use shall be permitted in any portion of the building receiving such modifications, and:

(a)        there are physical conditions, including irregularity, narrowness or shallowness of lot shape or size that create practical difficulties in complying with the bulk regulations and would adversely affect the building configuration or site plan;

(b)        the practical difficulties of developing on the zoning lot have not been created by the owner or by a predecessor in title;

(c)        the proposed modifications are limited to the minimum needed to relieve such difficulties;

(d)        the proposed modifications will not unduly obstruct access of light and air to adjoining properties or streets; and

(e)        the proposed scale and placement of the development or enlargement relates harmoniously with the surrounding area.

The Commission may prescribe additional conditions and safeguards to minimize adverse effects on the character of the surrounding area and to improve the quality of the site configuration.