Accessory off-street loading

Curb cuts for vehicular access to accessory off-street loading berths shall not be located on Atlantic Avenue or on a street within 50 feet of its intersection with the street line of Atlantic Avenue. However, the City Planning Commission may, by authorization, permit a curb cut on Atlantic Avenue, provided that:

(a)        such curb cut is a relocation of an existing curb cut on the zoning lot; and

(b)        such curb cut will not unduly inhibit surface traffic and pedestrian flow along Atlantic Avenue.

The loading berth requirements of Section 25-72 or 36-62 shall not apply to any development for which the Commissioner of Buildings has certified that there is no way to provide the required loading berths with access to a street in conformity with the provisions of this Section.

All accessory off-street loading berths shall be enclosed within a building.