Special provisions for development and enlargement

The front wall of any development or enlargement, or the front wall of any building where the height or width of a street wall is proposed to be increased, shall be built to comply with the following standards:

(a)        The front wall shall extend along the full length of the Atlantic Avenue street line. It may be interrupted at the ground level by entrances or exits for off-street parking or loading spaces permitted pursuant to Section 101-744 (Special permit for public parking garages or public parking lots).

Front wall recesses are permitted for architectural purposes provided that the aggregate length at the level of any story does not exceed 25 percent of the length of the front wall where such recesses are permitted. The depth of such recesses shall not exceed three feet. No recesses are permitted within 20 feet of the intersections of two street lines forming an angle of 100 degrees or less.

(b)        Windows shall occupy at least 35 percent of the wall area at the level of any story above the ground floor. (For the purposes of calculation, the wall height at any story shall be measured between the floor and ceiling of that story.)

(c)        Window and door framing trim shall be finished in an approved color as indicated in Appendix D of this Chapter.