Special provisions for certain existing buildings

Any alteration, incidental alteration or minor work (including any change in, addition to, or removal from, the parts or materials of a building, including finishes) done to the front wall of any building of the specified building type shall comply with the following standards:

(a)        Alteration or reconstruction of storefronts shall comply with the provisions of Section 101-734.

(b)        Front walls which are replaced shall be erected to the same height and at the same location as the original walls. Replacement or repair of front walls shall be done with the same material as the original walls, except that stone may be replaced by another material finished in such a manner as to match the appearance of the original walls. Finishes and colors of front walls shall be of an approved type, as indicated in Appendix C of this Chapter.

(c)        Front walls which are replaced shall have windows at each floor, the area of which shall comply with the provisions of Section 101-733 (Special provisions for development and enlargement). Such windows shall have stone or precast lintels and sills having a minimum height of six inches and extending at least four inches beyond the window opening on either side. Existing window openings above the ground floor may not be reduced in size but may be completely sealed if the window area provisions of Section 101-733 are met. Such openings shall be completely sealed with masonry recessed at least two inches behind the wall and finished to match the wall. New windows shall be double-hung, fixed or casement sash finished in an approved manner, as indicated in Appendix D of this Chapter.

(d)        No existing cornice shall be removed unless required by the Department of Buildings. A cornice that must be removed shall be replaced by a new cornice having the same height, length and projection beyond the surface of the wall and finished in an approved color, as indicated in Appendix D of this Chapter.