Termination of certain non-conforming signs

In the Fulton Mall Subdistrict, Section 52-80 (REGULATIONS APPLYING TO NON-CONFORMING SIGNS) shall not apply. In lieu thereof, certain non-conforming signs may be continued until June 30, 1980, providing that after that date such non-conforming signs shall terminate and shall be removed in their entirety, including any supporting structure, frame or device. Such signs shall include:

advertising signs;

flashing signs;

signs located more than 40 feet above curb level;

roof signs;

signs extending above a parapet;

signs obscuring cornices and windows;

double or multi-faced signs; and

signs that project across a street line more than 12 inches.

Any sign, as of January 1, 1978, that forms an integral part of the surface of a building or other structure (such as a sign carved in stone, cast in metal or molded in terra cotta on a building whose facade is of such material) shall not be subject to the provisions of this Section.