General purposes of the Fulton Mall Subdistrict

The general goals of the Fulton Mall Subdistrict include, among others, the following purposes:

(a)        to foster and promote the orderly expansion of retail development so that Downtown Brooklyn will enhance its position as a major regional shopping center, provide an increasing number of employment opportunities and encourage the development of a desirable shopping and working environment;

(b)        to complement public improvements in the area implemented either directly or indirectly by the City of New York by encouraging private investment in signs, facades and new development that will enhance the visual appearance and character of structures in the vicinity of Fulton Mall;

(c)        to create an attractive shopping environment in the vicinity of the Fulton Mall, the construction of which will implement a plan for improved pedestrian and vehicular circulation; and

(d)        to encourage a desirable urban design relationship between each building and the Fulton Mall.