Mandatory Sidewalk Widenings

Map 4 (Street Wall Continuity and Mandatory Sidewalk Widenings) in Appendix E of this Chapter specifies locations where the sidewalk widening regulations of this Section apply. Such regulations shall apply to all developments and to those horizontal enlargements where the enlarged portion of the building contains a floor area ratio of 3.0 or more.

All buildings that front upon the southerly street line of Willoughby Street between Adams Street and the Flatbush Avenue Extension shall provide a five foot deep sidewalk widening along the full frontage of the zoning lot along Willoughby Street. Such sidewalk widening shall be improved as a sidewalk to Department of Transportation standards, be at the same level as the adjoining public sidewalk and be accessible to the public at all times. For the purposes of applying the height and setback regulations of Section 101-22, inclusive, and the street wall location requirements of Section 101-41, the sidewalk widening line shall be considered to be the street line.