Commercial Use

The commercial use regulations applicable in M1 Districts shall apply in the Special Hudson Square District, except that:

(a)        food stores, including supermarkets, grocery stores or delicatessen stores, shall not be limited as to the size of the establishment;


(b)        uses listed in Use Group 6A, other than food stores, and Use Groups 6C, pursuant to Section 42-13, 6E, 10 and 12B, shall be limited to 10,000 square feet of floor area at the ground floor level, per establishment. Portions of such establishments located above or below ground floor level shall not be limited in size;


(c)        ground floor commercial uses shall be subject to special streetscape provisions set forth in Section 88-131;


(d)        commercial uses permitted in M1 Districts shall be subject to the modifications set forth in Section 123-22 (Modification of Use Groups 16, 17 and 18), inclusive;


(e)        transient hotels shall be subject to the provisions of Section 32-02 (Special Provisions for Hotels); and


(f)        eating or drinking establishments with entertainment and a capacity of more than 200 persons, or establishments of any capacity with dancing, are permitted only by special permit of the Board of Standards and Appeals, pursuant to Section 73-244.