In the event that Parcel 1, as shown on Map 1 in the Appendix to this Chapter, is developed with mixed use buildings, as defined in Section 123-11, sidewalks shall be provided on Parcel 1, as follows:

(a)        Sidewalks with a depth of at least 15 feet, measured perpendicular to the curb of a street, shall be provided along the entire Exterior Street and East 149th Street frontage of a zoning lot. In locations where the width of the sidewalk within the street is less than 15 feet, a sidewalk widening shall be provided on the zoning lot so that the combined width of the sidewalk within the street and the sidewalk widening equals 15 feet. However, existing buildings to remain on the zoning lot need not be removed in order to comply with this requirement.

(b)        A 22 foot wide walkway shall extend east of and along the Parcel 1 building line, linking East 149th Street and mapped parkland, or a fire apparatus access road if such road is provided adjacent to mapped parkland. In the event that a parking lot is provided east of such walkway, the easternmost seven feet of such walkway shall be densely planted with evergreen shrubs maintained at a maximum height of three feet above the adjoining walkway. Such walkway and planting strip may be interrupted to allow vehicular or pedestrian access.

(c)        Any driveway located east of the Parcel 1 building line that extends along a sewer easement and intersects Exterior Street shall have curbs and sidewalks with a minimum width of 13 feet along each curb, which may be interrupted to allow for vehicular access to a parking lot.

All sidewalks and sidewalk widenings shall be constructed or improved to Department of Transportation standards, shall be at the same level as the adjoining public sidewalks, and shall be accessible to the public at all times.